Although tap water is considered safe and may prevent tooth decay during infancy, using it consistently to mix formulas and other drinks may cause fluorosis.  This is a cosmetic issue that affects both baby and adult teeth.  It tends to leave white markings and stains on their teeth.  The critical time is between 1 and 5 years old

This is an irreversible condition that if severe enough could damage the enamel on the teeth.

Not only could excessive amounts of fluoride affect your teeth, but it could do the same for your bones as well, causing pain and damage to the bones and joints as well.

A balance between tap and bottled may be a good option if your baby or toddler are on formula.  Then you can reap the benefits and not worry about potential damage.

Although filtered and considered safe, tap water can still contain bacteria and contaminants.  A baby’s immune system is still developing and is vulnerable to bacteria and infection.   However be careful with bottled water, some companies have been caught using nothing more then tap water.   Buy a filter that can be placed right on your tap or simply a Brita.  You’ll save a ton of money while doing what you need to do to ensure your baby is getting the best.

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