Cancer in itself is devastating.  Conquered cancer is miraculous and the gift of life is a gift in itself.  Now that the close call is over and you need fulfillment on a deeper level, you would like to start a family.   What are the options for cancer survivors?

Cancer treatments can be responsible for infertility.  Chemotherapy can cause permanent damage to the eggs and sperm.  Whole or abdominal, including pelvic can cause irreversible damage to all the reproductive organs.  Making a woman unable to conceive or maintain a pregnancy.

If the unfortunate happens where vital reproductive organs need to be removed, then infertility is inevitable.  

Don’t be defeated just yet.  Many women and men go on to conceive naturally.   They’re probability is generally determined through various tests such as blood tests, ultrasounds, hormone levels, sperm counts and ovary activity. 

There are options.  There is always the preservation of eggs, sperm and embryos.  You can have part or all an ovary removed and frozen for future use and they can even reposition your uterus away from the radiation area.  Bear in mind all of the preservation options need to be discussed prior to treatment.

Infertile cancer survivors also have the option of egg, sperm and embryo donations.  Surrogacy is always an option as well. 

So optimism is key here.  Although you may need to turn to outside sources, you will get a family of your own.  Which given your ordeal already, I’m sure is a blessing in itself.

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