For anyone who has had a routine ultrasound for their baby, you know how overwhelming it can be.  All of a sudden the reality hits.  This is real and it is amazing.   It all becomes worth it.  The morning sickness, the gas, the constipation, the emotional ups and downs.  Everything is in perspective now.  The feeling is so overwhelming tears come to your eyes.  Imagine that feeling amplified.  Imagine seeing that black and white alien shaped little person in 3D.

That moment that the fetus becomes a baby is during the ultrasound.  In 3D not only do you get to see your perfect creation, but, you get to see specifics.  3D gives you insight to the baby’s personality, facial features, hiccups, thumb sucking and other behavior.   One doctor stated that he was able to see babies playing with the umbilical cord and trampoline like jumps. 

3D and 4D scans can be performed as early as the seventh week of pregnancy, however they are generally performed between 20-34 weeks of pregnancy.   Images seen prior to 24 weeks show limited features.  After 24 weeks the baby has had more time for development.  They look more full.  4D is time.  Meaning your baby can be viewed in real time.  The scan shows in the minute details and activities and expressions. 

A downside to such high quality imaging.  Parents are finding out abnormalities at the same time as the doctor.  Emotionally it can be hard to handle.  Either way though if there is an abnormality, parents need to confront the issue and accept it before birth.  At least they can be better prepared early on.

The 3D ultrasounds are proving to be beneficial to the baby’s health.  Mothers are viewing the babies as their child and growing an immediate necessity to protect them.  Some have admitted to quitting smoking in order to promote a healthier atmosphere.

For any of those who are concerned about safety.  No need, the ultrasound has shown no evidence of any harmful effects.  Ultrasound uses no radiation, as an x-ray.  Bear in mind though that these ultrasounds are not part of your prenatal care.  Consult your doctor if you have any questions and concerns.

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