FERTIL-PRO MTL - Improve Sperm Motility - 3 Month Supply

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FERTIL-PRO MTL - Improve Sperm Motility - 3 Month Supply
FERTIL-PRO MTL - Improve Sperm Motility - 3 Month Supply

FERTIL-PRO MTL - Improve Sperm Motility - 3 Month Supply

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Problems with sperm motility?

Fertil-Pro MTL has been scientifically formulated using four simple ingredients to improve sperm motility in men. Fertil-Pro MTL has been formulated with a blend of antioxidants that work together to maintain overall good health for men while increasing sperm motility

This supplement contains CoQ10, which helps to control oxidative stress (oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants defenses), which negatively affects sperm motility in men. Lycopene is an intensified antioxidant that significantly helps in the reduction of oxidative stress.

Fertil-Pro MTL will help improve sperm motility and works well when taken alone, but for best results it should be taken with Fertil-Pro for men.

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I have never heard of YAD, who are they?

  • YAD is a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality natural supplements focused on fertility. The supplements are made right here in Canada and are sold by over 95% of fertility clinics in Canada.

Are these supplements made of quality ingredients?

  • Yes. Only the best ingredients are used in the manufacturing of the YAD line of supplements. They are also gluten free and and kosher compliant.

Why so few ingredients? Do they work?

  • YAD has formulated these supplements using scientific, medical and clinical findings to achieve the described outcome for those taking the supplement. Why add unnecessary fillers and extra vitamins and minerals when they are not needed? Yad backs up their supplements with real clinical studies, not just marketing materials.
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