Snowballs Fertility Underwear for Men

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Snowballs Fertility Underwear for Men
Snowballs Fertility Underwear for Men

Snowballs Fertility Underwear for Men

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Snowballs™ cooling underwear provide an alternative to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Past studies show that an increase in the quality and count of spermatozoan can be achieved by cooling the scrotal region by 2-5 degrees at a time.

The goal of cooling therapy as a fertility aid is to decrease the daily average temperature of the scrotum by at least 1 degree. Past studies have found that nightly cooling shows a significant increase in sperm count within 8 weeks and a further increase after 12 weeks. Because it takes 70 days for the body to create fully mature spermatozoa, it is recommended to perform cooling therapy for 3 months to achieve a noticeable improvement.

The Snowballs™ cooling system is an all-natural product. The briefs are made of organic cotton, the gel packs are made of cellulose (all natural), and the SnowWedges™ casing is biodegradable (but durable enough to last for years).

SnowballsTM provide a perfect cooling treatment to aid in the following:

  • male infertility
  • varicoceles
  • hydroceles
  • spermatoceles
  • epididymitis
  • testosterone enhancement

What's Included:

An order of SnowballsTM cooling underwear system includes:

  • 2 pairs of organic briefs Which can be worn all day and washed like any regular pair of underwear.
  • 3 SnowWedges™. Each SnowWedge™ keeps cool for approximately 30 minutes, can be washed with soap and water, and freezes for reuse in an hour or less.

The SnowballsTM briefs are available in the following sizes:

  • Small: 29-31 in (74-79 cm)
  • Medium: 32-34 in (81-86 cm)
  • Large: 35-37 in (89-94 cm)
  • Extra-Large: 37-39 in (94-99 cm)

*Snowballs™ have been designed as close-fitting to conform to the body and achieve the best cooling results. If snug underwear is strongly disliked, we suggest you order the next size up.

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