Campylobacter jejuni is bacteria commonly found in animal feces. Campylobacter jejuni can cause gastroenteritis, food poisoning and has been linked to the development of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a disorder that targets the central nervous system. GBS itself does not affect fetal or infant development or lead to spontaneous abortion or fetal death, but has sometimes caused spontaneous deliveries in the third trimester in the most severe of cases. It does, however, often cause joint pain, numbness, weakness, vision problems, hypertension, major blood pressure fluctuations, limited muscle control and labored motor skills in those infected. Food poisoning associated with Campylobacter jejuni can be very painful, but rarely life-threatening. That being said, C. jejuni itself, if contracted during pregnancy, can lead to infection of the fetus, abortion, stillbirth or crib death.