Ever wonder what wheatgrass tastes like?

Wheatgrass tastes like a glass of nutrition, energy, and detox!

Okay, we’ll admit it: wheatgrass may not make the best tasting drink. But after you read about the benefits of this super food, you won’t mind plugging your nose and downing a glass every once in a while to take advantage of this natural boost to your health.

Two ounces of wheatgrass is the vitamin and mineral equivalent of three pounds of vegetables. Not only is this drink filled with most of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, it is also considered to be a whole meal and a complete protein (which means your body uses 100% of the protein). Wheatgrass contains 70% crude chlorophyll, which is crucial for carrying oxygen to body tissues. Chlorophyll is known to lower high blood pressure and to also stimulate tissue cell growth.

Cleansing and detoxifying the body is crucial for fertility. Wheatgrass drains the lymph system and removes any buildup of toxins from the body’s cells. As the removal of toxins from your system might make your stomach a little upset, the nausea you may feel after ingesting wheatgrass won’t be just from the taste!

If weight is an issue, wheatgrass can also help you lose. Once your body is provided with all the nutrients that wheatgrass has to offer, it will naturally shut down the appestat, which is the area of the brain which helps to regulate your appetite.

Losing weight will not only lower your BMI and improve your fertility, it may also help to lower your Follicle Stimulating Hormone levels. The higher your FSH, the harder it is to get pregnant. Once the quality of a woman’s egg deteriorates, the FSH levels will increase to compensate. It’s been suggested that free radicals in the body can be a source of poor egg development, so using a strong antioxidant or detoxifier like wheatgrass is a great way to remove these free radicals and improve the quality of your eggs.

So, although the sight and thought of drinking wheatgrass may not be initially appealing, the benefits of this healthy food definitely far outweigh any momentary discomfort.

Bottoms up, and here’s to your health!

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