For all the couples out there infertility can be a pretty isolating issue. Most don't realize there is a huge support network among them.

Most books tend to be geared towards the woman. However for you men out there that are completely oblivious on how to support your partner, Marc Sedaka has written a book that covers all the trials and tribulations of infertility.

Marc Sedaka and his wife tried for several years to conceive a child. Through his experiences he developed a book on the do’s and don’ts of infertility. He explains how to communicate and even provides a list of what not to say to your wife. He offers insight as to the behavior you may encounter and the best way to support her.

Not only offering advice on supporting your wife, but saving your marriage and with the help of his fertility doctor, they even offer medical expertise.

In this book Marc Sedaka wants to help educate men all over the world by learning from his mistakes. Basically “it’s written by a man, for a man.” He offers simpler terms, without the technicality.

If your husband is struggling with the do’s and don’ts of fertility then this book is for him.

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