What is basal body temperature?

Basal body temperature (BBT) is your body temperature reading from first thing in the morning, or following a minimum of 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest; long before any physical exertion takes place. To get the truest of readings, it is recommended that BBT be measured as soon as you wake up and before even getting out of bed.

So why is BBT so important?

When women ovulate their basal body temperature increases approximately one degree Fahrenheit. This elevation in BBT lasts until their next menstrual cycle. That is why many women like to use basal thermometers to monitor when their basal temperature spikes so that they can pinpoint more specifically when they are ovulating and therefore when they are most fertile.

How do you apply BBT to TTC?

If you are trying to conceive (TTC), it is important to know that the typical woman is most fertile on the DAY of the temperature spike and for a few days leading up to it. Some fertility experts also suggest that having sex up to 12-24 hours following the BBT temperature spike can still lead to conception. But with testing frequently over time, women can start to predict their temperature spike and increase their odds of becoming pregnant by knowing when they are most likely to conceive and having intercourse at the appropriate times.

What are the features and benefits of our Basal Thermometers?

Our basal thermometers are of the highest quality and accuracy. These thermometers are extremely easy-to-use, and comes complete with an easy-to-read LCD screen which displays extremely accurate readings within 1/100th of a degree. The device also has a low battery indicator, auto shut-off capabilities and perhaps most importantly records and memorizes the previous temperature reading...making tracking and monitoring BBT a snap. Order yours today!

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