After thirty years practicing as a reproductive endocrinologist and being the first doctor in New York State to perform successful in vitro fertilization, Dr. Sami David is also the author of the book Making Babies.

Dr. David is a pioneer in the fertility field, and in his book he expresses how doctors today are turning too quickly to IVF. Dr. David explains that younger doctors are offering in vitro and hormone therapy as the first line of treatment without first doing their homework. Dr. David strongly doubts “unexplained” infertility and claims that 85-90% of patients unable to have children can be diagnosed. As a matter of fact, Dr. David stresses that most of the time, it’s simply lifestyle that stands in the way of a successful pregnancy.

Dr. David explains that when attempting to find a cause for infertility, a full background search must be performed first, and then the current lifestyle of the patients needs assessment. Types of lifestyle choices that may interfere with successful pregnancies include smoking, dietary habits, or too much exercise. Before IVF is considered, advice should be the first thing patients seek. Dr. David expresses the importance of looking for more natural ways to encourage pregnancy before resorting to IVF. He supports the exploration of any anatomical issues, infections, hormonal and autoimmune disorders, environmental problems, or genetic disorders that may interfere with pregnancy. He treats these issues with surgery if necessary, but may also use medication, antibiotics, and immune suppression. Dr. David strongly emphasizes that IVF and hormone therapy should be the last resort for hopeful parents.

In his book, Dr. David details his concern for women who have to perform several cycles of in vitro fertilization. There is much speculation as to the long term effects and damages it can cause. The primary concern for repeated fertility and hormone treatment is the onset of various forms of cancer.

In Making Babies, Dr. David says, “It is a doctor’s job to restore the health of the couple or individual.” He insists that natural methods to encourage pregnancy are the safest route for not only the babies but the mothers as well. Why take the risk?

Dr. David suggests practices such as acupuncture, yoga, and herbal therapy to encourage successful pregnancy.

Not only are there valid health concerns surrounding IVF treatment, there is a financial aspect as well. One cycle of IVF could cost up to $25,000.00, and quite often, in vitro fertilization can result in multiple births. It is necessary to bear in mind that most twins are born prematurely, and born via cesarean section, and there are many health and cognitive problems that can develop from premature births.

If you find yourself unable to begin or maintain a successful pregnancy, the answers could be simpler than you thought. When seeing your doctor, give him/her a list of potential lifestyle issues that could be affecting you and your spouse. Make sure to rule out all possibilities prior to heading straight to an IVF clinic. Learn to listen to your body by charting your BBT, ovulation dates, and cervical fluid. Invest in a product such as FertileCM or Pre-Seed to help the consistency of your cervical mucous more acceptable to sperm.

Since environment plays a significant role in the success of becoming pregnant, consider taking some antioxidants such as Primrose oil and Omega 3.

Save yourself a lot of time, money and heartache. Try some natural remedies before turning to IVF.

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