The rate of multiple births in Canada has been steadily increasing every year due to the more common practice of using in vitro fertilization for couples that are struggling to conceive naturally.

Now, because of concerns over the health risks associated with multiple births, goals set by the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society aim to lower the frequency of multiple births in Canada.

With multiple births, risks to the mother and fetuses increase dramatically. When multiples are expected, there are many physical demands placed on the mother and babies during and after the gestation period. Recently, the psychological stress that can result from multiples has also come under scrutiny.

Depression in parents with multiples is more common, as well as divorce. Sometimes, parents of multiples have difficulty bonding with both or all babies, which can cause feelings of guilt and can contribute to overall depression.

Multiples need more pre and post natal care and monitoring, so if the babies’ home is far from a care facility, they will need to travel, which can add stress as well as pile on extra fuel expenses.

Reassessing your life and habits may be the place to start to improve your chances of natural conception.

A healthy line up of quality vitamins and supplements may be necessary to give your body the best possible chance for a natural pregnancy.

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