Prenatal Yoga is an excellent and low-impact way of staying in shape during your pregnancy. It gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself and your baby as it grows.

Here’s what Prenatal Yoga has to offer you:

What Aches and Pains?

An extremely common complaint among mothers-to-be is back pain and/or irritation of the sciatic nerve, which unfortunately can continue to worsen as the baby grows. Prenatal yoga strengthens the muscles that support this extra weight, thus relieving the pressure from the lower back. Certain poses can target certain areas to relieve discomfort and irritated nerves.

Get Flexible!

Especially nearer to the end of your pregnancy, certain positions used in prenatal yoga like squats and hip stretches and poses can help your baby get into the proper position for childbirth. These strength-building poses can also help when the time comes to push!

Build Strength

You’ll need it. Not only do you need to strengthen your lower body to manage the pregnancy weight you will gain, but you’ll need strong pipes to tote around your little bundle of joy after birth!

Need A Confidence Boost?

Your hormones may get the better of you at times. You may feel uncomfortable with your changing body, and your self-confidence may dwindle from time to time. It’s normal. Pregnant women tend to experience a general feeling of uneasiness with their body and spirit. Prenatal Yoga is a great way to reinvigorate your body, mind and soul. It offers positive reinforcement when you’re reminded of the power of your own body through exercise.

Learn How To Breathe Properly

You’re going to need all the oxygen you can get once your baby is ready to make his or her debut, especially if you’re aiming for a natural birth. Yoga has everything to do with regulating your breathing. Breath control optimizes oxygen flow throughout the body and is used for calming purposes as well.

Improve Your Balance

Your center of balance will shift throughout your pregnancy as your weight and body shape changes. Many women experience balance problems, which can definitely be a safety issue. Since prenatal yoga often focuses on the opening of the hips and stretching the lower back, you can stretch and strengthen the muscles needed to improve your balance and regain control.

Who Doesn’t Want To Learn How To Fall Asleep On Command?

Prenatal yoga will help you to learn how to quiet your mind and body with relaxation poses that will assist you in falling asleep like a pro – in the moments you can. It can also help you to regulate out-of-control sleeping patterns.

Say Bye-Bye To Anxiety

Just take a moment and envision this: Breathing deeply, feeling totally calm, some relaxing music in the background … Lovely! Yoga is great for anyone looking to escape from their busy lives for just a moment … improving flexibility, health and wellness while they’re at it. It is especially important to relieve anxiety and stress while pregnant not only for your own health, but it will in turn keep your baby calm, relaxed and happy as it grows in your belly.

Connect With Yourself And Your Baby

Yoga and meditation are very much connected to one another. With prenatal yoga you can get the opportunity to connect with your surroundings, truly feel and experience being pregnant and, above all, connect with your little mini-you. As far as meditation is concerned, it can help improve your concentration levels as well as your inner focus and calm. It is also very helpful in developing relaxation techniques. All of these things are helpful tools that will assist you when you go into labour.

*Please consult your family doctor before participating in Prenatal Yoga to make sure it is safe for you and your baby’s health.

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