1.    During pregnancy, how much alcohol is safe to consume?
a)    One a day
b)    Once a week
c)    Occasionally
d)    None

2.   How much weight should you gain in the duration of your pregnancy
a)  13 pounds
b)  25 pounds
c)  45 pounds
d)  Depends on your pre-pregnancy weight

3.  I can eat more now that I am pregnant?
a)  True
b)  False

4.  Folic Acid is used for proper brain, skull and spine development?
a)  True
b)  False

5.  How often should you be performing at least 30 – 60mins of activity?
a)  Once a week
b)  Never
c)  Daily
d)  Once a month


1.    The answer is D.  There is no tests that show a “safe” amount of alcohol to drink.  Better to avoid it all together
2.    The answer is D.  If you tested for a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) then 25-35 is normal.  The higher the BMI the lower your weight gain should be.  If you were underweight the ideal amount would be up to 40 pounds.
3.    The answer is TRUE.  However, you only need an extra 100 calories a day.  So it does not mean you can consume everything in sight.  See Canada’s Food Guide to aid in nutrition.
4.    The answer is TRUE.  Women should take a multivitamin containing 0.4mg of folic acid to reduce the risks of Neural Tube Defects.
5.    The answer is C.  Regular exercise is recommended as beneficial during pregnancy.  Swimming is a great exercise because it can hold the weight of your ever-growing stomach.  Regardless of whether or not you were physically active prior to pregnancy, its never to late to begin a workout routine.  Make sure to check with a health professional prior to beginning any exercise routine.

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