Although stress itself will not be the direct source of infertility, it may affect the surrounding circumstances.  Stress may delay ovulation.  Which ultimately has no effect on fertility, just simply trying to calculate ovulation.  Also referred to as “stress-induced anovulation.”  If this has occurred grab an ovulation test strip and your basal thermometer and re-calculate your ovulation.

If you or your partner feels stressed, there may be a lack of interest in having sex, which isn’t going to aid in pregnancy.  An understanding of the stress and the severity must be made in order to eliminate it.

Find what works for you to de-stress.  Everyone is different.  Take a deep breath.  Deep breathing brings oxygen into the body and relaxes the muscles and slows down the heart. 

Use your sense of smell to calm you down.  Lavender, it is known for its multi-use, but lavender is calming and effective for instant stress relief.  From Italy came chamomile.   Commonly used in tea, this oil has a powerful sedating effect.  Not just for eating, vanilla is another source of stress relief.  It is also thought to be an aphrodisiac, so if stress is making it hard to get in the mood, light a few vanilla scented candles to kick start your night.

Aromatherapy exploits the connection between the brain and the body and can give us a profound sense of well-being.  So no need to stress over infertility,  stress itself will not cause infertility.

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