Now the first thing that just came to your mind is not quite what I’m getting at.  Men require a certain amount of testosterone to produce sperm and testosterone is very active in the sexual activity of men.

No doubt you already know that belly fat leads to extensive health issues, however it could be a culprit to a man’s low libido.  According to Dr. Harry Fisch creator of a book called Why Size Matters: The hard facts About Male Sexuality That Every Woman Should Know.  Belly Fat causes Testosterone to break down more quickly.  Testosterone is taken out of the body in belly fat.  With low testosterone levels, “he’ll be tired, he’s not going to be able to exercise much, he’s less likely to be in the mood, and his fertility will lower.” 

This is a significant warning, metabolism and testosterone levels both drop after thirty and decrease by about 1% per year.  So if you’re sporting a belly, you had better start sporting the gym.

Size of the testicles matter, that’s right guys, the bigger the better!  On average the testicles should be the size of a walnut.  If one is considerably smaller, then take that as a sign to get checked out.  The larger the testicle, the better chance to have more testosterone and the better chance of fertility.   No ladies, you can’t tell a man’s size by looking at his shoes, ears or nose.  Despite what you were hoping.

The body mass index (BMI) is used to measure body fat.  If you’re BMI is over 25 that means your overweight.  Which means you can have a lower sperm count, which puts you at a 20% increase of being infertile.  So to sum it up, Dr. Fisch says if your trying to get pregnant, you must be in the best shape of your life.

Just a little side note, to boost the ego out there for any balding men.  In some cases, balding may mean that he has more testosterone, and you know what that means!

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