If this is your first child, you really don’t know what to expect. Every pregnancy and labor is different. The major signs to watch for are not.

There is usually a build up to labor. There will be subtle hints that you’re coming into labor. One of them, that you just feel funny, you feel off.

Physically, you may experience persistent back pain or lower abdominal pain. Almost like premenstrual cramps. Sometimes the pain will begin in the back and carry around to the front.

You may see a bloody show. This is known as the mucus plug. Now don’t get too excited, full labor could still be days away. This is just body telling you that things are starting to happen.

Pain that comes and goes. Known as contractions. Up to this point you’ve been feeling Braxton hicks contractions. Same tightening of the stomach, but far more painful. These contractions will increase, they will become more painful and in shorter intervals. Make sure they are timed. The closer they are the closer you are to delivery.

If your water breaks. Generally the number one sign. On occasion though, the water won’t break at all and the doctor will do it for you to speed things up.

Remember if your not sure. Go and see your doctor. It’s far better for you to get it looked at then sit and stress at home. The doctor will assess you to see if you are dilating, and are indeed in labor. They may send you home if it’s in the early phases of labor. The early phase of labor can go on for days. If you do go home, rest and relax as much as your can. Your body is about to undergo a pretty intense experience.

Best piece of advice, just listen to your body. Pay attention to the signs and signals and you’ll be better prepared for the big day.

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