Now introducing … Royal Jelly!

Why the dramatic introduction? Well, this super food deserves a royal entrance. Fit for a queen, this honey bee secretion is used in hives for the nutrition of larvae and the queen bee. Secreted from the worker bees, Royal Jelly is fed to the larvae once it is determined whether they’ll become drones, workers or queens. After three days, the only larvae to receive this special diet will be the future queens in line to the throne.

So, it’s great for the bees, but what makes this powerhouse jelly so beneficial for humans? Jammed with B-complex vitamins, including B-5 and B-6, Royal Jelly is composed of water, crude protein, amino acids, and simple sugars, not to mention trace amounts of minerals, enzymes, antibacterial and antibiotic components, and vitamin C. Cram all of these perks into a supplement that you take regularly, and you’ll end up with one extraordinarily functioning reproductive system.

Used to balance hormones and support the endocrine system, Royal Jelly has been shown to mimic Estrogen, but the excitement doesn’t stop there, since Royal Jelly has also been used to increase libido levels. When the fertility cycle turns intercourse into more of a job than a hobby, this jelly could help to reignite your love life.

Royal Jelly is a well-rounded supplement that seems to help fix all of life’s ailments, including blood pressure problems, cholesterol, fatigue, low energy and short endurance. And, rest assured that this miracle in a bottle is also known as an anti-aging supplement, which will give you the opportunity to live a longer, healthier life.

However, like so many miracles, this one also has a down side, as some people suffer from allergies associated with bees and honey. Like every new supplement, take precaution before using Royal Jelly, and always get advice from your doctor or physician before starting a new regimen.

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