Dreams tend to reflect your emotional state.  Since pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster, you’re likely in for some outrageous dreams.  Progesterone is likely the culprit for these nighttime invasions.  

Dreams are generally linked to your emotions.  Your body is going through a number of physical and emotional changes; your dreams are reflecting that. 

However, others believe it’s your subconscious trying to tell you something.  Midwives used to believe that it was insight into the health of the baby and yourself.

They believed dreaming of animals are a reminder to trust our instincts.   If you experienced an attack, perhaps you’re feeling vulnerable, or anxious about your life.

A bath may signify the womb and may mean that you need to nurture yourself.  Water represents emotion, fertility and the womb.  It represents the flow of life.  You’re likely in a deep connection with your pregnancy and are tuned into primal aspects of it.

Snakes could signify sex.  They also indicate growth and wisdom.  Dreams of sex could mean that you have a need for more sex.  Maybe romance.   Dreaming of your husband could give you insight as to how much he’s participating in the pregnancy.  Family could be a feeling of completeness, now that you’re pregnant.  On the other hand family could indicate unresolved issues.

Whatever you’re dreaming.  Record it and enjoy, if nothing else you may just get a laugh out of the absurdity of it.

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