There is so much hype right now about Omega-3 fatty acids, and for a good reason.  Omega-3 is the much-needed essential fatty acid.  Omega-3 fish oil is the best source of EPA, DHA and DPA.  The body can’t produce Omega-3 on it’s own so it must rely on food or supplement sources to do so.

EPA – Is the first link the Omega-3 chain.  Again found in food sources such as oily fish.  Omega-3 is found in breast milk and may prove beneficial for mental conditions.   Recent studies have suggested that EPA may affect depression and certain types of cancer. 

DHA – Is a major fatty acid in sperm, cell membranes and in the retina.  DHA may reduce the risk of heart disease and has also been associated with Alzheimer’s disease.  Also found in breast milk, pregnant women studies showed improved attention and visual acuity.  Pregnant women are recommended to take 300mg/per day whereas the normal average intake was between 45 and 1125mg/per day.  A study found that preterm babies fed formulas fortified with DHA had better developmental outcomes

DPA – Also found in breast milk and seal oil.  DPA is responsible for circulating the Omega-3 in the blood.  

When supplementing with Omega-3, it is crucial to find a quality supplement.  Make sure your getting all the benefits that they have to offer.  Omega-3 has been said to help protect against breast cancer. PMS symptoms are often a result of fatty acid imbalance.   Omega 3 improves fertility hormone levels and increases blood flow to the uterus.  Omega 3 also aids in maintaining blood pressure and helping to ward off preeclampsia.  DHA has been found to aid in proper brain development, crucial for a growing fetus.  As stated it has shown improvement with mental conditions, including postpartum depression.

Ensure a good start to you and your baby.  Make sure your taking in enough essential fatty acids.

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