It’s been months since the birth of your baby and you finally feel comfortable with the thought of having a couple of drinks. Here’s the dilemma, your breastfeeding.

When you jump on the internet to find out how long alcohol remains in breast milk your overwhelmed with information and opinions, all by creditable sources. Some state that after about three hours, you should be okay to go ahead and feed, some suggest for 24 hours to pump the breast milk and discard it. The pump and dump method is nothing more then a myth. Just like when alcohol is in the blood stream, nothing removes it but time, the same applies for breast milk. This is a sure fire way to tell if enough time has passed.

Given that alcohol affects the central nervous system of you and your baby, its important to find out if there is alcohol still remaining in your breast milk. The last thing you want is for your baby to have any developmental issues or to be the one responsible for them.

Now you can find out without having to guess. Milkscreen is an at home test that screens for alcohol in breast milk. It will detect the presence of alcohol as low as 13.1 mg/dl or higher. One drink averages around 10 grams. So 13.1mg is a trace amount. The test measures .02%, which is a safety net for moms since .03% is considered unsafe for the baby.

Having this test strip will alleviate any stress and worry about feeding your baby too soon after a couple of drinks. All you simply do is express some breast milk and saturate the pad and in two minutes you’ll know if there is still alcohol remaining in your breast milk. It’s that easy.

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