This fertility drug is somewhat more of a powerhouse compared to the two previously discussed. What sets this one aside? It contains two of the naturally occurring hormones used to stimulate theovaries. It contains both FSH and the Luteinizing hormone. Again, this one is generally used in conjunction with HCG. They work simultaneously to ensure ovulation occurs at the expected time.

Like all medication, dosage will depend on several factors and yourdoctor will determine the appropriate dosage for you. This is asubcutaneous injection, best placed about an inch from the navel. Alternate sides to prevent soreness. Make sure use the medication once the dosage has been prepared. This one requires that youmaintain a dosing schedule.

Side effects for this medication may include:

➢ Stomach pain
➢ Breast tenderness
➢ Constipation
➢ Cramps
➢ Dizziness
➢ Flushing
➢ Headache
➢ Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
➢ Pain, rash, swelling
➢ Sweating

More serious side effects include:

➢ Blood clots
➢ Signs of a stroke
➢ Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
➢ Vaginal bleeding
➢ Multiple births
➢ Lung problems (rare, but seek helping if difficultybreathing or wheezing)

Drugs similar to Menopur are HMG Lepori, HMG Ferring, Pergonal and Repronex,

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