Okay so, you’ve tried everything. Timed your menstrual cycle, took you temperature, very carefully scheduled intercourse. Still not pregnant?

At this point there’s a good chance you’ve lost your mind. So really, what more have you got to lose?

Ever think about spell casting to create a baby? Okay so it seems pretty out there. Have some fun with it. At this point your entire life has been consumed with getting pregnant. What you eat; what you wear, well you get the point. Have some fun with the experience.

Here is one you can do together and will help set the mood. Compliments of Everything Under the Moon, they suggest a week prior to ovulation, increase citrus, fatty acids and greens. They recommend avoiding greasy/oily meats. At this point you should already be on your folic acid vitamin.

The before, the day of and the day after ovulation, place one blue, one pink, and one white candle beside the bed. Have Dad light the blue candle while saying the following

“Divine Father, we call thee EI, Priapus, Ing, Min, and Cemunnos, You, whose sheltering arms shield and comfort your young, whose power is seen in the mighty river, the nourishing sun, bless this union of man and mate.”

Mom should then light the pink candle saying the following

“Divine Mother, we call thee Inanna, Asherah, Freya, Vesta and Hathor, You, who bear, nuture, and defend your young against all dangers, whose power is seen in the fertile fields, the moonlit breezes, bless this union of woman and mate. “

Together, you both light the white candle and together repeat the following

“Lord and Lady, Mother and Father, life divine. As two are made one, we seek your sacred blessing, gift us with a healthy child, one who embodies the best of us both.”

Now imagine a warm light filling the room as you make love. Let the candles burn until they go out one their own. Repeat with new candles for each of the remaining nights.

Well if nothing else, it certainly adds a sense of humor to the situation. The candles will add a romantic touch and hopefully make the experience more then just routine.

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