Like many blogs before this one, lifestyle can’t be stressed enough about it’s effects on fertility. As stated several times before, you should make sure your at a healthy weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, increase your healthy eating habits and brush your teeth.

That’s right, brushing and flossing is just as crucial to fertility as eating and drinking. A new study conducted western Australia showed that gum disease can delay the time it takes to get pregnant.

Inflammation caused by oral bacteria could cause a delay of an extra two months to get pregnant by causing a chain reaction that may affect the reproductive organs. If left unattended the inflammation can become an infection, releasing toxins into the lungs and blood stream, where they inflict cellular damage.

Not only linked to infertility, gum disease has also been linked to premature birth and miscarriage, tooth loss, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease and respiratory problems.

Symptoms of gum disease include:
• Bleeding gums
• Red, swollen or sore gums
• Loose teeth
• Gums pulling away from the teeth
• Persistent bad breath
• Gum infection or pus between the teeth

Make a trip to your dentist to assess your oral health.

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