Its often been said that women tend to share too much info.  In most cases men don’t mind listening to our woes and worries.  Have you ever known a man to enjoy a conversation about your menstrual cycle?  Didn’t think so.

When you’ve taken your temperature, checked your mucus consistency, made sure its ovulation day.  Well basically gone through the checklist.   Don’t tell him.  Men are simple.  They don’t want the biological breakdown of your body.  There’s a small window of opportunity here.  Would you get turned on if he shouted my mucus is perfect, lets get this started?  The word mucus is gross as it is.  Just like Mcdonalds you want to enjoy the burger, if you knew the chemical breakdown, you wouldn’t want to eat it. 

If you want to share the specifications of your body’s optimal numbers, call you sister or your friend.  Let the men be left in the dark.

Don’t make sex a chore or a job for them.   They still want to know that you are with them based on sexual attraction, not because they could perform a service.  They want to feel like a prize, not a prized goat. 

Your own desires, wants and anticipation can be overwhelming for you.  Don’t put too much pressure on him.  Men don’t perform well under stress.   In fact there’s a good a good chance he may not perform at all if he’s to overwhelmed to perform. 

Again don’t let sex become a chore or routine. Keep it spontaneous.  This should be enjoyable for both of you.  Have sex in a different room, buy lingerie, keep it enticing and you’ll keep him coming back for more.  Don’t lose sight of your romance.  Now more then ever is the time to embrace it, once baby comes, it won’t just be the two of you doing what you want anymore.

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