Want to know the simplest way to increase fertility? Breathe. One of the most effective ways to increase fertility is to learn meditative breathing techniques. Relaxation of the mind and body has been used by many cultures to relieve and prevent diseases for thousands of years.

Entering into a state of relaxation releases stress and tension, and this allows the body to heal and rejuvenate. While in a relaxed state, heart rates, blood pressure, and breathing slow, muscle tension is released, cortisol levels drop, and the mind becomes tranquil.

Breathing is the foundation of all relaxation techniques and is vital to every living being on earth. Breathing brings oxygen into the lungs, which is then absorbed by red blood cells and carried throughout the body.

Breathing brings oxygen to tissues that are in pain or cramping, which helps to alleviate pain during delivery and childbirth.

Yoga emphasizes that controlling one’s breath means controlling one’s life.

All it takes is 20 seconds of breathing to reach calm:

• Close your eyes and inhale deeply, say the number 10, and exhale
• Inhale again and say the number 9, and exhale
• Repeat these exercises, counting down from 10 to 0
• While breathing, focus on the number you’ve just said aloud

Remember that stress can play a role in fertility, since a rise in cortisol levels could affect your monthly cycle.

So relax. And just breathe.

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