Health Canada has just issued a warning. One in which probably shouldn’t need to be. It appears that people are obtaining sperm donations online.

It is well known that costs are high during the IVF process and that women can get extremely desperate. However, Health Canada is reminding Canadians of the health risks associated with unreliable sources, such as the Internet.

Canada has strict controls in place for semen donating in order to minimize any health risks. When obtaining online sperm donations, these samples may not be appropriately screened. Leaving both the mother and the fetus at risk for serious health complications, including AIDS/HIV or Hepatitis C among many others.

Websites advertising “fresh” semen that has not been processed or frozen may have claims that the donors have been tested; well these claims may not be entirely true. There are regulations in place to ensure proper importation, processing and distribution of donor semen. Donors must be screened and tested before donation and six months after, with their sample remaining in quarantine for six months.

Speak to your health care provider if you are considering semen donation for an assisted pregnancy.

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