Pregnancy doesn't need to be the excuse for ice cream anymore, just trying to get pregnant is reason enough.  A study in 2007 suggests that a diet rich in dairy may lower the risk of infertility. 

Now don’t gorge on multiple servings of dairy.  Delving into that could mean heavy weight gain.  Doctors suggest cutting calories in other aspects of your diet should be done to ensure weight maintenance. 

When woman who consumed yogurt and other low fat dairy products were separated from those who ate high calorie diets.  Thats when researchers saw the link.

Doctors explain that being on a diet is bad for reproduction.  Women who are too overweight and too underweight hinder their chances of reproduction and the added fat may be responsible. 

Responsibility could also fall on the shoulders of hormones in milk and other dairy products.  Farmers tend to inject their cattle with various hormones to either produce a bigger side of beef or more milk production.

So if you are going to try this.  Make sure that it is a temporary measure.  Again maintain a healthy calorie intake, make sure to eliminate high saturated fats from your diet.

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