Stress and negative thoughts really do impact the body. Stress hormones play a major role in fertility, so it is imperative to stay positive by generating healthy thoughts and emotions as a means to improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results” – Willie Nelson

Life is stressful - there’s no doubt about it. Job stress, emotional stress, financial stress and family stress … the list can go on and on. But it is how we constructively deal and process the stressors in everyday life that provides us with the tools to cope with the additional stressors that can send us completely over the edge - like tirelessly trying to conceive.

In past blogs, we have discussed many techniques to thwart stressful behaviour, like practicing yoga and other forms of exercise, eating a healthy and balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals and sleeping well. But here are some additional tips that may help you combat those baby-makin’ blues:

1) Eliminate any negativity that may surround you in life. Construct healthy boundaries for yourself, especially with people in your life that are prone to being negative. No one likes a downer … and it’s infectious. Read happy books, watch happy movies, think happy thoughts and surround yourself with happy, positive people.

2) Try injecting positivity and encouragement into your life in the form of words. Write down words, phrases and quotes that you find particularly inspiring and/or uplifting on cards, post-its and bits of paper and put them in common places around you so that you will see them several times a day. Similarly, choose a word or phrase and repeat them aloud in your head. It may amaze you how much difference these things will make to your subconscious, your general well-being and self-worth.

3) Set time aside for yourself (and we really mean just you), even if it’s just for a few minutes. Put your feet up, read a bit of a book, have a bath, lay in some grass … whatever it takes to regain and/or maintain clarity and balance within yourself. You are an extremely integral and important part of the conception process, and you MUST ALWAYS remember to take care of yourself too.

4) If you’re feeling completely BLAH and need a way to vent without taking it out on a loved one, writing works wonders. Try keeping a journal of it all – both the positive and the negative. It is highly therapeutic to get it all out, plus re-reading your entries later on can give you great opportunities to reflect and achieve progress in terms of dealing with your stress levels and negative thoughts in the future.

5)Always stay focused on you and your partner and your love for each other. Make sure you keep tabs on what is important, and take the time to show affection to those you love. Surprise each other with date nights, little gifts, evening walks, going to the movies, afternoon picnics in the park … after all, it’s the little things that count.

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