Nothing really compares to being pregnant and the excitement that goes along with it – especially the anticipation involved with finding out if you’re going to have a boy or a girl. Many couples are not only excited to learn what they’re having, but really value knowing the sex of the baby in advance so as to be better prepared for his or her arrival.

Typically, women have to wait until their 20th week ultrasound to learn the sex of their baby. By the time the 20th week rolls around, a growing baby’s hair and teeth begin to form, and its digestive system, intestinal tract and sex organs are fully developed. Ultrasounds can typically be given earlier than this, wherein the baby’s legs and arms can be seen moving visibly. But it is not until the 20th week that an ultrasound can determine the sex of a baby. Thus, a waiting game ensues.

This is precisely why we are so excited about launching a new product to our line of conception aids – IntelliGender Prediction Test! It’s incredibly easy to use and can predict a baby’s gender in as early as the 10th week of pregnancy in the comfort of one’s home. Although this test boasts an accuracy rate of over 80%, for medical reasons IntelliGender Baby Gender Prediction Test results should not be used in place of a 20-week ultrasound. That being said, this product has a great satisfaction rate and is yours to try for $39.99!

Please check out our IntelliGender Baby Gender Prediction Test product page for more information. Order yours today!

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