Here it is, last but certainly not least. In fact far from it. Introducing the most powerful, the mother of all antioxidants Glutathione. Pronounced Glute-a-thi-on.

You need to rid your body of free radicals? Well here is the strong arm to do the job. This electron donor is synthesized in the body from amino acids, making it a non-essential nutrient.

Unfortunately, supplementing glutathione is difficult. When taken orally glutathione is not easily absorbed in the stomach.

You can however still increase the amount of glutathione, by increasing the amount of precursors it takes to make glutathione. What are the precursors to this amazing antioxidant?

Vitamin D has shown to increase glutathione in the brain. That’s right another powerhouse antioxidant, another reason to go outside. Lets not forget the neighbor’s vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Free radicals stick to these antioxidants, glutathione then strips them of the free radicals and recycles them back into the bod. Generating more glutathione.

The free radicals then stick to glutathione and then are excreted in bile through stools. Making glutathione the “master detoxifier.” This is how we become deficient in this critical molecule. 

We suffer from too much oxidative stress from things like smoking, pollution, radiation and even the mercury fillings in your teeth. With all that environment influence our bodies can’t produce enough glutathione.

You can boost glutathione through sulpher containing foods such as kale, broccoli, watercress, collards, cabbage etc.

Whey protein is a great source of amino acids. Moderate exercise boosts glutathione levels, A-acetyl-cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, folates (B6 and B12), selenium, vitamins C and E and milk thistle.

So all the antioxidant articles have lead up to this “mother of all antioxidants,” all these steps lead to this. Removing all the free radicals in our body will optimize our health for fertility and reproduction.

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