A theory among the ancient Chinese is a plant part that resembles a human body part will have therapeutic value in that location and will bring the body to harmony.  Ginseng is unique for it’s whole body healing.

Discovered 5000 years ago in China.  Ginseng became well known for its strength and rejuvenating powers.  The demand was so high that China turned to international trade with Korea.  China traded their silk and medicine for ginseng. 

American ginseng was first discovered in a Canadian forest near Montreal in 1716.  This discovery also began international trade with China.  Due to overharvesting and destruction of natural habitat, the root neared extinction by the end of the 19th century.

 Ginseng is known for its ability to stimulate physical and mental activity.  It defends the body from the effects of physical strain and also stimulates the endocrine glands, including the sex glands.  Ginseng has a direct effect on the central nervous system.  It appears to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and stimulating the production of sperm.  It has shown to stimulate blood flow to the brain and to sexual organs.  The most direct is the stimulation of nitric oxide production.  Nitric oxide works by widening or dilating blood vessels, carrying more blood to the muscles.  

So in closing, considered by some to be a Super Sexual herb, ginseng will likely give men a nice boost of nitric oxide and libido and may give a small boost in testosterone as well

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