What do you get when you mix Red Raspberry Leaf, stimulating Chasteberry, empowered with Green Tea, a regular dose of Ladies Mantle, the colorful spectrum of Nettle Leaf and the stimulating delicious taste of Peppermint?  FERTILITEA!

With all of these ingredients combined, Fertilitea offers a natural, healthy option to support reproductive health.  The ingredients found in Fertilitea were carefully selected and each provide a specific aid to increase the chances of conception.

Dating back as far as Ancient Greeks and Romans, Raspberry Leaf tea was given to pregnant women to aid in delivery and breastfeeding.  For all those who weren’t pregnant, it was said to relieve nausea, the flu, rubella, fevers, vomiting and inflammation.  Said to be a woman’s herb.  Believed to strengthen the uterus and relieve symptoms of PMS.

How do you argue with something that has been around for 2000 years? Traditionally Chasteberry was used to ease menstrual problems and stimulate breast milk production.  Today it continues to ease premenstrual syndrome as well as menopause and infertility.  Chasteberry has indirect effects on the hormones prolactin, hormone produced by the brain for the production of milk and also Progesterone, a key player in the female menstrual cycle.  The berries contain flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant.

We are all aware that Green tea reduces heart disease, bad cholesterol, it increase the metabolic rate/fat oxidation rate and prevents the death of brain cells.   A recent study in California created an outstanding breakthrough; women scored two times higher odds of conceiving just by drinking half a cup of green tea everyday.  

Ladies Mantle found in the garden, aside from being pretty and treat skin conditions, it’s used to control excessive or irregular periods and also menopausal symptoms.  

Also known as the Stinging Nettle, it is rich in vitamins A, C, iron, potassium manganese and calcium, minerals that are essential to a healthy reproductive system and maintaining pregnancy

Aside from aiding menstrual cramps,  upset stomach, sore throat and nausea, its great taste and calming effects.  Peppermint is said to be a sexual stimulant.  Peppermint also adds strength to the red raspberry leaf, increasing those effects as well.

Thousands of years of civilization can’t be wrong.  Fertilitea is a convenient way to acquire all of your essential herbs in one cup.   Fertilitea has had many great results and if nothing else, you’ll be healthier and live longer!

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