A few of our customers have recently been inquiring into Fertility Blend, the newly launched natural fertility supplement, and how it compares to FertilAid, the natural fertility supplement that we currently carry. After doing some research, we thought we’d take a moment to compare them and save you the hassle of trying to decide between the two. Since we only carry FertilAid for Women, we will compare this product with Fertility Blend for Women.

FertilAid For Women vs. Fertility Blend For Women

Let’s start with what these two products have in common. They are both all-natural, which is awesome. Also, they both have a few common ingredients such chasteberry - a powerful, all-natural fertility-enhancing herb also known as vitex.

Vitex is a herb derived from a plant that hails from Asia and various Mediterranean countries. Vitex can also be referred to as chasteberry (as previously mentioned), agnus castus, chaste tree and monk’s pepper. Vitex can help restore hormone balance, menstrual cycles and ovulation cycles, but is not a hormone itself. That being said, studies have suggested that vitex increases progesterone levels and stimulates the release of the luteinizing hormone (which indicates ovulation) from the pituitary gland. Research has concluded that vitex can also be responsible for increasing female fertility, thwarting heavy menstrual cycles, menopausal symptoms, PMS, fibrocystic breast disease and acne. To conclude, vitex is a very powerful yet natural herb that does an excellent job of helping women who are having trouble with conceiving. Both supplements also have other common ingredients that include folic acid, iron, magnesium and zinc – all of which help to promote optimal wellness and fertility.

So what are the differences? FertilAid contains many additional ingredients that have been proven to increase fertility that Fertility Blend does not. These ingredients include Vitamin A, C, D3, Thiamin, Siberian Ginseng, copper, Riboflavin, Niacin, red clover blossom extract, pantothenic acid and ginkgo. Another added bonus to choosing FertilAid is that it can be taken as a pre-natal supplement as well as a fertility supplement, while Fertility Blend cannot.

So in conclusion, and in reference to several comparative studies and research, FertilAid For Women comes out on top. Order yours today!



Date 8/16/2013


Date 6/8/2014

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