There are several different schools of thought when it comes to the female orgasm and its relation to increasing conception and fertility. Some experts feel as though it has absolutely no impact on whether or not a couple gets pregnant, while others maintain that it does. But it is important to mention that dealing with fertility issues and trying to get pregnant is stressful enough – so the last thing women need is to feel stressed and pressured to orgasm in order to get pregnant. But after all, enjoying sex is the healthiest ingredient for conceiving.

I mean, orgasms are fun to have anyways, right? Perhaps since it’s not set in stone that women MUST orgasm to conceive, this blog can be regarded as purely informational -leaving the reader to decide how he or she feels about it. After all, we’re all about learning and spreading new ideas and concepts to our readers here at Make A Baby. We aim to equip you with the most amount of knowledge possible with thought provoking posts in order to increase your chances of conceiving and achieving optimal fertility.

That being said, here is some research that has been conducted on the matter that we have collected for your reading pleasure:

A study was conducted in the 1950s to prove or disprove the theory of the ‘up suck.’ The ‘up suck’ theory is most likely exactly what you think it is. In the early 1900s, doctors advocated and encouraged female orgasms to patients who were trying to conceive. They believed that female orgasms helped the semen enter the uterus by being ‘sucked up’ by the cervix. The 1950s study concluded (after using artificial semen on a real woman) that her orgasm did not result in semen getting ‘sucked up.’ As a result the ‘up suck’ theory was considered untrue from that point onward. Despite the results of this study, several experts maintain that there is still some validity to it.

Another study was later conducted to establish the amount of semen leaked out after sex (also known as ‘flowback’). The study concluded that semen retention increased when a woman orgasmed shortly before a man did. The study also suggested that female orgasms that occur up to 45 minutes after the male ejaculates increased semen retention as well. And lastly, they found that if a woman climaxed more than a minute before the man, semen retention was much lower.

There is also something called the ‘poleaxe’ hypothesis, which suggests that the female orgasm makes women feel sleepy and relaxed and are more inclined to lie down after sex for longer periods of time should they experience an orgasm. Apparently in some circles it is not considered just an old wives tale to remain in a horizontal position after sex as a means to get pregnant. Some studies have shown that lying down after sex may actually help sperm reach their desired destination more effectively.

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