At last, the answers for her moodiness, her insatiable appetite, her sudden necessity to sleep all hours of the day.  She’s pregnant.  That was just the first four weeks; can you imagine the next 36?

Although mom is going to carry the physical brunt of this load, you’re going to carry not only all your own fears and worries, but she’s going to dump all of hers on you too.  You may feel extremely overwhelmed.  Especially when that moment sinks in that your going to be a Dad.  So many questions will rise from this experience.  Will I be a good father?  What will labor be like? Will she make it through okay? Will the baby be okay? And so on... 

Make sure as she’s sharing her feeling and emotions, that you share yours with her as well.  You’ll both find comfort in knowing that your both worried and anxious over the same things.

Make sure to keep involved in the pregnancy.  Take pictures, feel the baby move, be empathetic.  Rub her back when she needs it.  Soon she’ll be front heavy with an extra 30 pounds. 

Try to attend all the doctor’s appointments with her.  Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time is second to none.  Not something you want to miss.  Attend any prenatal classes, pay attention to breathing patterns and the best way to comfort and coach her through labor. 

Support your partner by giving up the same things she has.  Any alcohol or cigarettes, if you can’t refrain at least attempt not to do it in front of her.  Try to avoid tempting her. 

As the pregnancy progresses there are going to be days that where she feels unattractive, whatever you do, make sure you remind her just how beautiful she is.  Don’t be discouraged if your sex life slows down.  There is a lot going on internally and externally.  There will be highs and lows, just remember it only lasts for 40 weeks.

On the days that she asks you to go to the grocery store to get whatever absurd craving is pulling at her hunger strings.  Just go, get her exacting what she asks for.  If by now you haven’t received a pregnant wrath, you will.  There are a lot of hormones wreaking havoc in her, just give her what she wants.

Make sure your involved in the decision-making.  She doesn’t want the pregnancy to feel one sided.  She will want to know that you’re just as committed to this as she is. 

Also bear in mind, there will be times, where nothing she says or does will make any sense.   As silly as it may seem it is important to her, don’t make her feel unjustified.  Again the last thing you want it to be left in the wake of a pregnancy wrath.

When the day finally arrives.  You are going to feel helpless.  Your going to feel mad that you can’t take away the pain.  You are going to be worried, scared and physically nauseas.  It will all be okay.  You are helping her just by being there.  Getting her ice when she needs it.  Helping her roll over, make it to the bathroom.   Rub her back and remind her that she is doing very well and that junior is on his way.  Tell her how proud of her you are. 

You’ll both be fine.  Be prepared to be unprepared.  Nothing as a parent ever goes according to plan.  Just like the pregnancy stick together and you’ll be fine.

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