What is it about heat that can cause a man to become infertile? Sperm is produced and best maintain when the testes are 2-4 degrees below normal body temperature. The scrotum holds the testes outside the body and regulates the testes temperature by expanding and contracting to maintain heat transfer. When cold blood enters the testes through the arteries in the spermatic cord, then it flows out through the veins in the spermatic cord.

This method can only regulate the temperature so much though. When the testes are exposed to extreme heat on a daily bases, men can have problems conceiving for over a year.

Day-to-Day indulgences could be a big culprit in fertility issues with men. Hot tubs, saunas, cycling, lap top computers. Certain jobs may also cause the testes extreme heat. Occupational drivers, bakers or cooks, anyone who is front of an oven for long periods of time, firefighters and so on.

Exceeding 11 degrees hotter then normal testicle temperatures could result in a longer period of time for the testes to correct themselves. The good news is that the damage done by excessive heat is not permanent and can be reversed.

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