We often don’t stop to think about habits.   Taking vitamins everyday, replacing the ink in our printers, or something as fun and enjoyable as tying on a fishing lure.

We don’t stop and think….hmmmm….I wonder what this is made out of.  We assume plastic is just plastic and it’s safe.  Now that BPA has been uncovered, people have begun to scrutinize Phthalate.  This phthalic acid is added to plastics to increase flexibility, longevity and durability. 

Phthalate is used in a wide variety of products.  Everything from the coating on vitamins and supplements, gelling agents, lubricants, sex toys, children’s toys, waxes, paint, shower curtains, eye shadow, food containers and household cleaners.

How does all this affect you and your body? Well phthalates have been shown to affect the endocrine system.  The endocrine system as you know is the hormone control center.   Because phthalate is in most makeup and personal care products, women seem to be more so at risk.  With the effects on hormones, this leaves women vulnerable to infertility, birth defects, breast cancer and even diabetes.

The exposure to this is everywhere.  There is nothing that bonds it to any physical substance.  It is inhaled, digested and it leaches through the skin.  Fatty foods such as milk, butter and meats are a major source.  Don’t assume you can go to the hospital for any kind of treatment for it, IV tubing, gloves, respiratory tubing and so forth.  

With children using their mouth as their main sensory tool, infants and toddlers increase their exposure far more then an adult.  Although there more studies are needed to determine safe level of exposures, it might be a good idea to take away the teething ring. 

So if you’re trying to conceive, maybe consider a natural supplement that will aid in balancing hormonal levels.  As previously recommended FERTILE AID and FERTILE TEA are both natural options to help maintain hormonal health.

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