Ever wonder why your mother always said “you’ll catch your death of a cold” whenever you went outside without a hat or mittens? And even if you already knew that colds were caused by viruses, you’d still look at your mom like she had three heads, sigh, and put your hat and mittens on anyway.

But what if she was on to something?

As it turns out, exposure to extreme temperatures is known to deplete our supply of enzymes. Enzymes carry the burden of our daily biochemical functions and are essential in every aspect of life. They are responsible for transporting elements throughout the body as well as for breaking down and eliminating unwanted chemicals.

An enzyme consists of amino acids and is a protein produced by all living things. Enzymes are catalysts, as they cause or accelerate chemical reactions within our bodies without being affected themselves.

The breakdown of food in your body relies on enzymes. Food is nothing more than a mixture of chemicals that are broken down by our enzymes and released into our bodies as nutrients and raw materials. You need enzymes to carry vitamins and nutrients throughout your body. Enzymes assist biological, chemical, and metabolic reactions and without an adequate number of enzymes, you can develop several types of health problems, including infertility.

How will enzymes benefit you in your fight against infertility? Well, enzymes don’t just break down food, they also break down scar tissue, excess tissue, aid in circulation by cleansing the blood, and strengthen immunity!

Replacing and strengthening your enzymes may assist with overcoming autoimmune fertility issues, fibroids, cysts, inflammation, scar tissue, polycystic ovaries, blood clotting, and recurrent miscarriage. Enlist your enzymes to help detoxify and clear your body of free radicals and your pregnancy success rate could be improved!

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