Mmmmm! Holiday foooood.

This magical time of year often legitimizes the gorging of delicious foods for many people, myself included. If you’re pregnant and are currently rocking a pregnancy diet, wherein you are trying to pack as many vitamins and minerals into your body as possible… FEAR NOT! It’s not a complete tragedy at this time of year if you love food and want to enjoy all the gloriousness of holiday treats. All you have to do is avoid just a few particular things, which you should have been avoiding thus far anyways, eating smart and exercising a little thing called moderation.

A few things to remember this holiday season:

Deli meats and soft cheeses, such as brie Roquefort and feta, are quite commonly found on holiday snacking spreads. If you are pregnant it is important to avoid these things as they may harbor harmful contaminants such as listeria. Keep in mind that hard cheeses are perfectly safe though, such as cheddar and mozzarella. Also raw fish should be avoided, as well as bigger fish species due to their large mercury content.

Usually holiday dinners come complete with plenty of vegetables and fruit – so be sure to load up on those before reaching for more processed snacks and treats. Also have at those bowls of nuts lying around, as they are an excellent source of healthy protein and zinc. Try your best to stick to clean, fresh and whole foods during the holiday season such as fruits, veggies and whole grains. Be sure to ask your host about their homemade dishes to make sure they do not contain any of the above foods that you should avoid, unpasteurized products and raw eggs. And sorry, virgin eggnog is a complete no-no, as well as many ciders (unless they are pasteurized).

Happy Eating And Happy Holidays From Make A Baby!

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