Obviously the first sign to watch for is a missed period.  That’s usually the first indicator.  It’s not always the case for some though.   

One of the first things you may notice, is just how unbelievably tired you are.  Getting out of bed seems like a chore.  No worries though.  Once the placenta is fully formed, you’ll likely have a little more energy.

You know that frequent need to urinate? Don’t complain about it yet, it’s only going to get worse.  As the uterus grows, it places pressure on the bladder and bowels.  You may also notice constipation, as your intestines are changing as well.

As the breasts prepare for milk production, they may become more sensitive and swollen.  You can also expect the dark circles around your nipples, called the areola to darken and widen as well.

It’s not uncommon to have light spotting or even a light period 5 to 10 days after the egg has implanted on the uterus wall.  So don’t be alarmed if you see a small amount of blood.

Pregnant women tend to have a heightened sense of smell, which unfortunately tends to go hand in hand with nausea.  This is generally caused by the increase in hormones.  Again this too should pass.  Pregnancy requires an extra 300 calories a day, so if you happen to have some unexplained hunger and strange cravings, that’s why.

Headaches and mood swings may increase throughout the pregnancy as hormone levels increase.  This may also cause you to feel faint and dizzy, which is also related to decreased blood pressure.

Most of these symptoms pass as the pregnancy progresses.  Just barrel through the first trimester and you’ll feel great in the second.

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