The Instead Soft Cup – or, if you’re in Canada, the Diva Cup – was originally produced and manufactured as an alternative to pads or tampons. The cup is inserted into the vagina, rests just below the cervix, and catches menstrual blood. Every 8-12 hours, the contents of the cup can be emptied.

Recently, women have found an alternative use for the cup: as a fertility aid. Immediately after intercourse, women are inserting the cup to keep sperm inside and close to the cervix for a longer period of time.

Another option is to place the sperm directly into the cup and then insert it into the vagina.

Although not manufactured for fertility uses, some women claim that using the cup helped them to become pregnant after the first or second try.

A lab technician used a cup in combination with Pre-seed Personal Lubricant and found that the sperm were kept alive for four hours after intercourse.

Other women coupled the soft cup with ovulation predictors and had successful results.

The only negative feedback regarding this method is that it can be awkward and uncomfortable to insert the cup into the vagina.

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