This wonderful plant seems to cover all of life’s ailments.  First discovered by ancient Aztec Indians, it was considered a sexual rejuvenator, especially in women.  It was commercially introduced in 1874.

The small shrub can be found through Mexico, Central America and the West Indies.  It blooms flowers and fruit every year, but it’s the leaves that carry the medicinal benefits. 

Damiana is used world wide for an overwhelming amount of reasons.  Best known for its ability to aid in infertility, impotence, hormonal imbalances, sexual disorders and sexual inadequacies, it’s most common use is an aphrodisiac.  For more then a century damiana has been used to improve sexual functions.  Also recommended for increasing sperm counts and strengthening the ovum. 

This plant is not only exceptional for reproductive and sexual functions, but is used to treat asthma, constipation, earaches, eye disorders, colds/flu, menstrual disorders, malaria, nervous disorders, headaches, depression and even water retention.

Not only world renowned for it’s positive impact on the reproductive organs, this seems to be a cure-all plant.  Of course before taking any kind of supplement seek medical advice to ensure it’s right for you.

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