You might know that DHEA can reverse aging, but it may also help to improve the quality and number of eggs a woman can use to become pregnant. While DHEA is marketed as an anti-aging supplement, it is also an upcoming treatment for women who suffer from infertility issues.

When a woman reaches 35 years of age, the number and quality of her eggs diminishes. Dehydropepiansterone (DHEA) is a steroidal hormone that can convert to other steroidal hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Secreted by the adrenal glands, it is also used for mental awareness, physical strength, sex drive, and even memory. The Center for Human Reproduction in New York links DHEA to a decrease in miscarriages and an increase in embryo counts, embryo quality, and the success of fertility treatments.

A sluggish adrenal gland (adrenal fatigue) can occur as a result of everyday stress. Adrenal failure can cause a lack of DHEA altogether, and in this case, using a DHEA supplement could increase your chances of pregnancy.

If you’re a woman who already has excessive testosterone levels, then DHEA may not be a solution for the infertility issues you may be facing. DHEA can also convert into testosterone in a woman’s body, and if your testosterone levels rise too high, you run the risk of affecting your menstrual cycle and seeing an increase in hair growth and acne.

You will know whether DHEA is right for you. Your doctor will likely run a test to check your hormone levels, from which he or she can determine your exact needs.

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