Abruption – When the placenta breaks away from the uterine wall.

Accreta – Occurs when the placenta attaches itself too deeply, can lead to uterine rupture.

Apgar Score – Taken 1 to 5 minutes after birth, it measures the newborn’s response to outside the womb.

A-appearance P-pulse G-grimace(reflex) A-activity R-respiration.

Anencephaly – Occurs when the neural tube does not close, resulting in the baby missing part of their skull and brain.

Arrhythmia – Irregular or missed heartbeat

Bilirubin – A waste product from the hemoglobin molecules from worn out red blood cells. Normally excreted as the main component of bile

Bishop Score – A scale used to check the cervix for labor.

Biophysical profile – An ultrasound that assess the health of a near term baby.

Breech Presentation – A baby who is lying bottom or feet down in the uterus

Breech – When the baby is in the position of bottom first, instead of head first for birth.

Cephalic – The baby is lying head down

Cesarean – A surgical procedure to deliver the baby. An incision is made very low in the abdomen.

Contraction – When the uterus tightens and relaxes. Oxytocin is released which stimulates the uterine tightening. This is to stretch and relax the cervix for childbirth.

Cord compression – Squeezing of the umbilical cord that leads to slowing or interruption of blood flow to the baby.

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