What is the cervix? We know how important it is, but what is it?

The cervix is a small organ that is located at the lower portion of the uterus and the top of the vagina.

In the cervix are secretory cells called cervical crypts. These pockets are located in the lining of the cervix. They produce cervical fluid or cervical mucus. As you know, dependent on your cycle, there are two types of cervical fluid.

Cervical mucus when it is in optimal fertile condition has the ability to keep the sperm alive for up to five days. It protects the sperm from the acidity in the vagina and will aid the sperm in travelling to the outer wall of the fallopian tubes for fertilization to take place.

When ovulation is close and most fertile, the mucus is watery, and higher in PH levels, it is clear and will have an egg white consistency. At this point the mucus is more a more basic solution (alkaline based).

When the mucus becomes infertile, the sperm may not more last two days. Very thick mucus limits the sperm penetration and a low pH is capable of destroying sperm.

Estrogen changes the cervical fluid and when the fertile stage is over, progesterone then takes over and dries up the cervical fluid.

There are outside factors that could contribute to poor cervical mucus as well including: rapid weight changes, different medications, too much exercise, smoking, fabric softeners, deodorants, tampons and lubricants. All these factors could play a role in the health of your cervical fluid.  Various supplements like Fertile CM can help maintain the optimal health of your cervical fluid.

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