How much is too much? We all tend to enjoy a cup or two of coffee a day, but what if it were affecting your ability to have children?

Caffeine is a tricky subject. One study suggests that caffeine is good for weight loss. It's a natural metabolism booster, another suggests it holds cellulite. In certain cases weight loss is necessary for conception. Well a new study released May 26th suggests that caffeine could be one of the culprits hindering your chances of pregnancy.

Before you drop that cup of coffee. The concern is with overconsumption. Anything more then 2 cups a day or 200 mgs is exceeding moderate amounts. Caffeine affects the muscle contractions used to bring the egg down the fallopian tube. The muscles become relaxed.

So if you weren’t confused enough already. A study done in 1993 suggests that women who drank only one cup of coffee a day decreased their chances of getting pregnant by ten percent.

So just to be on the safe side, don’t exceed more then two cups a day. Too much of anything is never that good for you. Try not to get too stressed out over all the information thrown at you. Stick to the recommended daily guidelines and you should be fine.

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