Boy or Girl

Got an extra 20,000 dollars kickin’ around and want to alter your babies sex using science?

Didn’t think so.

There is always the option of the Shettles Method. According to the research of Dr. Landrum Shettles, creator of the Shettles Method. Attempts are made to control several variables, everything from timing intercourse in relation to ovulation, use of sexual positions and even the depth of male penetration.

The chromosomes received determine the gender of the baby. Women carry what is called the X chromosome. Men carry both the X and Y-chromosomes. If a Y reaches the egg first the end result will be a baby boy, should an X reach the egg, the end result will be a baby girl.

Like children the Y and X sperm have their own personality traits. Like trying to raise your children understanding them is the first step to success.

The male sperm (Y) are smaller and faster the female (X). They tend to die more quickly and are not able to withstand the PH levels of the vagina. The female (X) is slower then the male but is able to stand up to the acidic levels.

So if making a boy is of the upmost priority the theory is to have intercourse the day before or the day of ovulation. Knowing your ovulation cycle is key. Again the boys die quicker but swim faster. The optimal position suggested for a boy is rear entry (doggy style). The deeper the penetration the better, remember they can’t make it too long in the acidity levels. Dr. Shettles also suggests that men shouldn’t take a hot shower or wear tight clothes right before as heat could weed out more of the Y sperm then the X.

If a boy is not your first choice, reverse everything that you just read. Have intercourse up to three days before ovulation. Remember the girls move slower. Avoid sex when you’re most fertile. Intercourse should be performed with shallow penetration, so missionary would be the best choice. Boys need to be closer to the cervix. The girls live longer and swim further then the boys. The further away the deposit, the better chance the girls have at making it before the boys.

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