One crucial bit of information to provide your health care aid is your birthing plan. Make sure before you give it to your healthcare provider though that you have done all your homework and have explored all your options.

A birth plan should consist of what you do and do not want to happen or have during labor.

Your plan should include, whom you want in the birthing room with you. Not all, but some hospitals only allow one person during the time of delivery. Decide if you want them there the whole time or if there are procedures you’d rather them not see.

One of the touchiest subjects for moms to be is pain relief. First decide if you are going to use pain medication, again do your homework to find out what is available to you. Make sure that if you prefer natural, to state that. If you think you may not be able to cope with the pain, you can always exhaust every other alternative to pain medication. For example, breathing techniques, a birthing pool, a simple shower.

Decide what position you would like to be in when you give birth. Lying down, sitting up, some women prefer to be on all fours. Whatever is going to work best for you.

Make sure you indicate in your birthing plans, whether or not you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed. ¬†Indicate whether you want your baby to have any bottles, they may give the baby a bottle if for some reason you’re not available.

If perchance you need an assisted delivery, decide if you want the forceps or vacuum. Also decide if you’re going to allow an episiotomy. Sometimes the doctor will make a small incision so less tearing will occur.

If unexpected situations occur, make sure you are ready. If the baby needs to be transported to the NICU, let them know whether or not you want to provide most of the care.

Remember, this is your baby and your experience. Make it how you want it to be and don’t get pressured into anything you don’t want. You’ll be happy you did.

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