Babies are always a blessing.  They do however come with a hefty pricetag.  That’s where baby showers come in.  Baby showers are a nice way not only to congratulate an expecting couple, but also to help them financially as well.

There are no rules in place when it comes to throwing a baby shower.  There is no one designated person.  The only rule to is that the expecting couple should not plan their own shower.  Any relative, close friend or co-worker can throw the shower.

When to have the shower is always an issue.  By then end of the pregnancy, mom is pretty overwhelmed and tired.   It’s a nice way to help her take her mind off of her upcoming parental adventures.

Although having the shower after the baby is born makes gift buying a little easier knowing the sex of the baby.

Invite everyone who is close to her.  Decide is the shower is going to be co-ed.  Both are equally as popular right now.  There is also no harm in having baby showers for second or third babies as well. 

Baby showers usually consist of food, games, prizes and party favors.

Here is a list of some of the popular baby shower games:

Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size

•    Take some yarn, toilet paper, or crepe paper and have the guests take as much as they think will fit perfectly around Mom’s tummy.  After everyone makes their guess, measure it to Mom’s tummy and hand out a prize

Pin the Sperm on the Egg

•    Just like pin the tail on the donkey, except with sperm and an egg.  Makes for a funny twist to an old favorite.  Or you could always play place the baby on the mommy.  Same rules apply.

Guess the Baby Picture

•    Ask all the guests to bring baby pictures of them.  Make a collage from them and make lines for people to fill in who they think the babies are out of the guests.  Whoever gets the most right, gets a prize

Celebrity Baby Names

•    Before the shower, make nametags for the guests.  The names have to be celebrities’ baby names.  Place the nametag on the back of each guest.  They cannot look at their own nametag.  Then through a series of yes or no questions, whoever guesses their name first, gets the prize.

Not a requirement but some ideas for baby shower favors are votive candles shaped in bottles, cupcakes, teddy bears and many more.  Buy a package of baby socks and fill them with chocolates or candies, tied with a pretty ribbon.

Stores like the bulk barn offer unique shaped cookie cutters.  You can make an arrangement of cookies in various shapes like; bottles, bassinets, blocks and decorate them.

Don’t forget a guest book and a log of what presents came from whom. Mom to be won’t be able to remember all the details, so this is a good way to make sure she can personalize each card by thanking them for the specific gift given.  It’s also just nice memorabilia.

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