Every baby is different and unique.  They carry their own personality and identity.  Their name shouldn't be any different. There are many factors that come into play when choosing your baby's name.  But recently the trend seems to follow originality.  People are trying to make their baby's name the first of its kind.

If unique is what your after, here is a list of ten of the most unique baby names forecasted for 2011

Boys  Girls
1.    Asher 1.   Aeva  
2.    Bowen 2.   Bee
3.    Cayden 3.   China
4.    Draco 4.   Danaka
5.    Grayson 5.   Ever

Fore more traditional and currently popular names for 2011:

Boys Girls
1.    Jacob 1.   Isabella
2.    Ethan 2.   Emma
3.    Jayden 3.   Olivia
4.    Alexander 4.   Sophia
5.    Micheal 5.   Ava
If you’re someone who bases their decision on meaning here is a list of names and their meanings:

Asher – Means Blessed or fortunate.  In the bible, Jacob believed his eighth son Asher would have a blessed life.
Bowen – Welsh, meaning “Son of Owen.” 
Cayden – Welsh, a variant of the name Cadell, which means, “Battle”
Draco – Italian, meaning “dragon”
Grayson – Middle English, meaning the “Son of the Steward”
Jacob – Hebrew, “May God protect”
Ethan – Hebrew, meaning “Enduring”
Jayden – American and Hebrew, meaning “Thankful; God will Judge”
Alexander – Greek, meaning “Defender of man.”
Micheal – English, variant of the Hebrew name Michael, meaning, “Who is like God?”

Aeva – A variant of the name Ava, little is know about this name.
Bee – A variant of the name Beatrice, meaning, “Voyager; blessed”
China – Derived from the country, it got its name in the third century from the Qin dynasty that ruled it.
Danaka – Slaviz, meaning “Morning star”
Ever – American meaning, “Always”
Isabella – Hebrew, meaning, “My God is a vow”
Emma – Old French and Old German orgins, meaning, “Entire, Universal”
Olivia – Latin, meaning “Olive tree”
Sophia – Greek orgins, meaning Sophia is “Wisdom”
Ava – Possible variant of the Hebrew name Chava meaning “Life” or “Serpent”

Unique and deep meaning.  Now you have both.  Hope this helped to clarify the challenge of naming your child and if not, well sorry for confusing you more. 

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